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If you are thinking about taking your sales efforts to the commercial market, then this collection of documents and information is an ABSOLUTE MUST!  Containing almost 50 pages of info, every page has been included in order for a distributor to present a comprehensive and compelling picture of how our products can create benefit for commercial locations, like restaurants.


Contents of this digital file pack include:


How-To-Guide (Explains how each file in the pack can be used during your sales pitch)

Enagic WQA Flyer

Enagic WQA Certifications

Enagic ISO Certifications

Ionized & Acidic Water Restaurant Overview

LA Times Article

Japanese Restaurant News Magazine Article

New York Times Restaurant Review

Technomic Trends – Healthy Food

E-Friends Restaurant Spotlight

Culinary Concepts – Chef Florence

Culinary Concepts – Chef Jim

Culinary Concepts – Chef Pascal

Water Cost Analysis

Fiji Water Article

Dasani Bad Product Article

pH – ORP Beverage Test Results

ATS Lab Report – Staph

ATS Lab Report – E-coli

ATS Lab Report – Salmonella

ATS Lab Report – MRSA

ATS Lab Report – CRKP “Super Bug”

ATS Lab Report Summary

Benefits of Alkaline & Acidic Water


Commercial Market Pitch Book Digital Pack

  • This is a .pdf file, so a PDF Reader is required to view.

    These files are intended to be printed, which requires the buyer to have access to a printer.

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