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Distributor Resources

There are many excellent resources for distributors, including tons of valuable information on the Enagic USA corporate website.  Distributors should become familiar with each website and discover what they have to offer.  The ones listed below are recommended and used by some of the most successful distributors in Enagic, including the website host, Gerald Kostecka.  He believes it is important for distributors to have access to as many tools and resources as possible, so they can know what is available and can choose what works best for them.  The name of each resource listed below is linked to a website, so click on each and see what they have to offer.

The Enagic USA corporate website,, is an excellent source of information for distributors.  It is set up with two main sections; pages for the general public and pages for distributors only.  The general public pages include information about the history of Enagic, a list of the contact information of all the different global offices, information and out products and technology, interesting information about water, certificates and honors and much, much more.  The distributor only pages require a username and password to access, so be sure to ask your referring distributor for login information.  These pages include the latest distributor news and announcements, online store to order supplies, how to request your genealogy report and much, much more.  Distributors should visit the Enagic USA website often and discover what resources it holds for them.  Use the Enagic USA link above to visit the website now. 

The Enagic Web System is the ONLY authorized website provider for Enagic Distributors.  They have been working as an Enagic partner company for over ten years and have created an extensive collection of website options for distributors.  If you have decided that you want to have an Internet presence as part of your marketing efforts, there is no better option than EWS!  The websites are beautifully designed, with many different styles available.  You can choose the design style that best suits your business approach, or have more than one website using several different styles to diversify your marketing efforts.  An EWS website includes a comprehensive back office, with a contact manager, email campaign feature, distributor training and much, much more.  EWS also provides the highest level of support, should you ever have a question or concern.  "I own and operate several websites, but when it comes to my Enagic business, there is only one website service I trust to help me keep a professional Internet presence...Enagic Web Systems!"  Gerald Kostecka.  Use the Enagic Web System (EWS) link above to visit the website now.  

The Kangen Toolbox is an excellent resource website for new distributors.  It offers an expansive line of business cards at a very reasonable price, which is perfect for new distributors who are trying to stretch their business building budget.  They also offer a full line of brochures, which includes one of the best general information brochures available.  They also offer brochures and table tents for restaurants, as well as several styles of glass serving bottles for restaurant use.  Kangen Toolbox also offers several DVD's including a Spanish demonstration featuring distributor leader Omar Ramirez and a demonstration video featuring Daniel Dimacale.

Ionfaucet Inc. is leading the market in high quality performance accessories for all current water ionizer machines.  Ionfaucet Inc. was founded upon the need for an improved installation method of water ionizer machines. With this in mind the IF01 was designed. Since the IF01s' inception, they have designed new and innovative faucets to meet the needs of customers worldwide.  Due to the success of the faucets, Ionfaucet Inc. has also become the go to outlet for high grade filtration systems, filter cartridges, orp meters, and ionizer machine cleaning tools. Ionfaucet Inc. is the one stop shop for customers and distributors who are looking for performance accessories for the installation of all water ionizer machines.  Ionfaucet Inc., is committed to customer satisfaction and only offer products which are of the highest quality workmanship and performance.

Miracle Water Accessories was founded by Renee Merlo, an Enagic Distributor with extensive experience in the apparel industry.  This experience inspired her to create several products, table clothes and bottle covers, to help distributors look more professional at trade shows and presentations.  She also used her experience to develop an expandable water transport carrier, which is able to carry 12 one-gallon bottles of delicious Kangen Water.  She also developed a presentation stand for product demos, which has become an important part of live demos.  All of her products are highly recommended.  For more information you can call Renee at 818-915-2638 or use the link above to order online.  Water Transportation Carrier: This is an absolute MUST for any distributor that is delivering water!!  Each carrier holds up to 12 one gallon bottles safe and securely.  Unlike traditional crate type carriers when the water transportation carrier is emptied it folds up so it does not take up room in your trunk.  Excellent quality and makes sampling Kangen Water much easier!!!!  Demo Stands w/case: If you are conducting demos, this is a MUST!!  It makes any demo look more organized, more dynamic and more professional.  Excellent quality and it comes with a carrying case, which makes transporting the stands very
easy.  Demo Tablecloth: If you are conducting demos and want look professional, this tablecloth  is the BEST available!!  Excellent quality and it comes in several different colors.  Don't forget...all of these items are available in English and Spanish!

Look professional, protect your investment and travel with ease!  Hard shell case is durable, reliable, fits in overhead compartments when flying and comes with a lifetime warranty.  It's the perfect companion to any machine owner who travels.  Recommended by TOP Enagic Distributors around the world!  "Since I travel quite a bit and CANNOT be without my Kangen Water, I take my machine with me where ever I go.  To protect my machine, I ONLY travel with it in a solid, durable Kangen Case!  People who know me know I do not recommend ANYTHING I don't use or believe in...when it comes to my Kangen Case, I DO BOTH!!  If you travel demand the best and keep your machine safe and secure...your machine is worth it...get yourself a Kangen Case!"  Gerald Kostecka

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