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Product Videos

Welcome to the Going6A private product videos!  The link below directs to the exclusive PowerfulH2O Project Overview & Product Demo.  You can copy this link and send it to your prospects, but DO NOT post the link or video on any social media sites or use it for mass marketing.  Our team is the only one with access to this video, but if it is posted publicly, distributors from other teams will find it and will use it to build their own businesses.  These resources are for the PowerfulH2O Team and we all need to keep it that way! 
Below are videos explaining the Enagic products, including demonstrations of the water properties, how they are being used in restaurants and food service, in spas and salons,  and more.  We appreciate your interest and thank you for taking the time to review these videos.

Product demonstration featuring legendary performer Pat Boone

Product demonstration in Spanish

Product demonstration featuring Gold Medalist Elvis Stojko

How the products are being used in restaurants & food service

How the products are being used in spas & wellness clinics

How the products are being used by pets & Vets

Exercise & Weight Loss Industry

Reyhan Restaurant Secret Ingredient

Chiropractors Using Kangen Water

Dentist Using Kangen Water

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